My story begins on September 21, 1994. I was born in Sheffield AL for certain reasons I will leave my parents’ names a mystery. 

I would never have expected the events that would shape my life forever after this day! I was only 18 months old the day my brother who was only 4 years old at this time made the choice to save both our lives and tells my aunt how both our parents have been hurting us.  But before anything was said about himself he first tells my aunt in details how my mother would make videos of my father rubbing his privates on me and inside my mouth than when I would cry they would pour extremely hot water over me then turn to him as they wrapped his hands with sharp-pointed wire and made videos of the sexual acts my father has done to him. 

Still to this day our parents have never seen a jail cell! The state stepped in and we were then were separated and adopted by our uncles and aunts so that we could remain able to see each other and know each other. Fast forward this story a little while and take you to age 12 in Nashville, TN.  I there meet a guy who for the past 15 years has been my best friend. one day as we were small kids his dad decided to have us stand in the kitchen and watch him make crack.  This then lead to me by the age of 13 finally deciding to try smoking crack for the first time and caused me to become hooked! I was in and out of trouble as a teenager due to addiction! 

October of 2008 late for dinner my adopted parents and adopted siblings call my name for dinner for hours there was NO SIGN of me nowhere. after what seemed to go on forever little ole me found beaten and rapped bleeding and naked in the middle of the woods near the park.  By 15 I joined a gang in Chicago and got hooked to meth. my first love in west Monroe, LA and gave birth April 21, 2012, to a beautiful little girl whose father eventually committed suicide, not l, long after. 

I then ended up with my 2nd child’s abusive father. April 8, 2015, I gave birth to my bouncing baby boy. I jumped between men looking for drugs and love. Only to find abuse after abuse!!! July 21, 2017, Huntsville, Al. I gave birth to another little girl sadly she didn’t make it. 

Aug 20 2017 I moved back home to Florence, Al met my now ex-fiancee and relapsed after being clean for a year. My ex tried killing me and beat me every day for 4 years. hurting me and my two oldest children!!!  May 6 2019 DHR took my kids and placed them with grandparents after I called the law because my ex thought he was going to beat me and my 6 year old son took and hit him with a 2 x 4 in his head. I grabbed and threw my child behind me and laid on the concrete outside with the 911 dispatch on the phone and my son both under me I started to scream our address and my ex name multiple times and I then repeated as my ex tried hitting my son that if he touched my son I would kill him screaming this loud enough so that 911 would hear me and know I was warning him and the officers that no matter what I was not going to allow anyone to harm my child and I would do whatever it would take to make sure of it. The police swarmed my home as my ex fleed from the scene I call my mother and frantically pack as much as I’m able. 

Aug. 21, 2020, I have met the love of my life and battled the addiction of meth on and off. now 2 months sober Aug 19 2021 I give birth to a beautiful baby boy 7lbs 7 oz. I know this life I have lived may not have been perfect been hard and I have struggled with abuse drugs being homeless and so much more that has yet to be discussed but I would not change one single thing!!! I’m fighting now to be a greater mother and wife. sobriety has been a challenge and it’s an own and off struggle but through hard work and the love of my family I know I can face anything to come my way!!!!