When Alcoholics Anonymous was originally printed in 1939 it numbered in the hundreds.  Now there are over two million recovering alcoholics, and countless other twelve step programs where the followers are also in the millions.  Many people have used these twelve steps and had life changing experiences that have changed and saved lives all over the world.

The one thing all these groups have in common is they only focus on one topic at a time.  Whether it be overeating, drugs, alcohol or sex.  For me the problem with this is myself and so many others suffer from more than one of these addictions.  Unfortunately in any of these meetings does the conversation speak of more than one addiction.  

Whether it’s gambling, food, sex, drugs, or alchohol we are still all addicts and therefore share a lot of the same symptoms and personalty traits.  Sometimes it’s the thrill of the chase, sometimes it’s just having whatever your addiction is with you in the room, or that first puff, hit, bet or bite.

No matter the poison the symptoms are the same.  I’m looking to start a nonprofit group that will include and encourage people from all different backgrounds and addictions to engage in a forum open to all.  With open-mindness and acceptance we can start to grow our group like any other twelve step program out there.  

I hope all will join in on the ground level right now and help us grow!