Step 1

We accepted that our lives have become impossible to manage and we could not control our addiction.

Step 2

We were convinced that with self-love, discipline, hard work, and community, we could bring our lives back to balance.

Step 3

We were ready and willing to abandon and no longer live the lifestyle we had been living.

Step 4

Made a conscious effort to apply discipline and hard work in all aspects of our lives on a daily basis.

Step 5

We were determined, through spirituality and meditation, to improve contact with our inner selves.

Step 6

We confessed all the things we feel we have done wrong to others and to ourselves

Step 7

We put right all the wrongs committed to others and ourselves.

Step 8

Took a deep look inside ourselves at all our deficiencies and tried to correct these the best we could.

Step 9

Continued with daily self-reflection and when we recognized a wrong in any of our actions we sought to correct it.

Step 10

Having achieved our sobriety we tried to bring this message to all suffering from addiction and help them in any way we can.