We offer daily zoom meetings. We have “Meeting Leaders” that run our meetings. They do a number of different style meetings. We offer our own style “Chill and Chat” meetings. In these meetings, we provide a relaxed environment to discuss any and all addiction and recovery issues. We want to also hear about everything going on in your life as your life has to do with your sobriety. Our “Chill and Chat” meetings have the feeling of the “meeting after the meeting” at a traditional 12 step recovery group in-person meeting. We also offer speaker meetings, step study meetings and topic discussion meetings.

Our meeting leaders strive to provide a safe environment for everyone to share. We make sure that everyone has a voice and everyone is heard. We are here to provide a safe space for everyone to discuss what is going on in their lives that ties into their addiction and recovery. We also make sure everyone is able to get the feedback and support that they need to help progress them along in their recovery.