Ten Traditions

1. We must think of the group first. With every action we take we should
remember this. Our recovery depends on it. The longevity of our group is
all that matters.
2. The only requirement for Addicts Anonymous membership is a desire to
stop using your substance or addiction of choice.
3. Each group should handle its own business and structure except when
affecting Addicts Anonymous as a whole.
4. Our group is for one purpose, and one purpose only. That is to help our
fellow addicts when they are in need.
5. An Addicts Anonymous group should never use our name for any type of
advertising, especially one where there is money involved.
6. Every Addicts Anonymous group ought to pay its own bills. Accepting
only donations from family and friends. Members may donate at their own
7. Addicts Anonymous should remain forever non-professional. We will
never charge any fees for any of the support we provide to addicts.
8. Addicts Anonymous has no opinion on any outside issues. This way we
can protect the Addicts Anonymous name and group.
9. We do not advertise to seek new group members. We use word of mouth and
attraction as a method of getting new members.
10. We think of the group first in all our decisions and most of all what is
said here, stays here.